Living Debt Free – That’s Means The Mortgage Too!

How can you find a secure 5-15% return on your investment with NO risk at all? Simple – start paying off your debts. The FIRE lifestyle begins with paying off the bank, credit cards & mortgage. Debt is a four-letter word that needs to be banished from your financial vocabulary. There are a few simple strategies to do so. One approach says to pay off … Continue reading Living Debt Free – That’s Means The Mortgage Too!

Chief Sparky’s Blog

Since this is the FIRST post of this new blog, I thought it would only make sense to outline a little of my life-view and financial philosophies.  We are what we believe and you can’t understand someone’s behavior if you don’t understand how they view the world.  Judging from other people’s actions, the value that I place on financial independence & retiring early (FIRE) isn’t … Continue reading Chief Sparky’s Blog