“What Does Your Dad Do For A Living?”

For today’s Mr.FireStation post, I decided to turn the space over to my 18 year old son who starts his freshman year of college on Wednesday.  Just as MRS FireStation posted her perspective on our early retirement a few weeks ago, I thought it would be interesting to hear from the other member of our nuclear family.  “What does your Dad do for a living?” … Continue reading “What Does Your Dad Do For A Living?”

FIRE Station Fun – Learning Independence

Today is the day that our only child leaves for his freshman year of college.  It’s a big day that we’ve been looking toward since we brought him home as a newborn baby more than eighteen years ago.  It is with deeply mixed feelings that we send him off – happy to see him growing and getting to do amazing things, but also sorry to … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Learning Independence

Death by FIRE?

I’m dying early, it seems. I didn’t realize it, but a recent Oregon State University study claims to show that people that retire early are “11% more likely” to die earlier than those that work past age 65.  Perhaps reaching FIRE (financial independence and retiring early) is bad for my health? The 18 year long study (1992-2010) had ~2,500 participants and showed that 12% of … Continue reading Death by FIRE?