Financial Fiction? – Suze Orman’s Background

NBC’s Brian Williams has been my favorite evening news anchor for quite a while.  He has a smart way of turning a phrase that brings a wry smile to the day’s events.  To see all of the trouble he is in for perhaps fudging the truth on his telling of a helicopter ride more than a dozen years ago is painful to watch.  You can’t … Continue reading Financial Fiction? – Suze Orman’s Background

Thrifty Thursday – Outrageous Fees

My son goes to a parochial high school and we recently got a notice to sign him up for the next school year. The website & billing service that the school uses has pages questions at the start of the year for us to fill out in addition to the basic student name, address, and grade level. The website also asks about billing preferences – … Continue reading Thrifty Thursday – Outrageous Fees

Happily Ever After @ $75K Lifestyle

A big part of reaching FIRE is having a plan for the lifestyle that you want after retirement.  Many people work “one more year” because they fear quitting the workforce and finding out that they don’t have enough financial resources to live happily ever after.  Fortunately, the level at which money drives happiness is (relatively) low at about $75,000. The Huffington Post published this graphic … Continue reading Happily Ever After @ $75K Lifestyle