The Foolish Route To Millionaire Status

I heard some interesting factoids about America’s millionaires recently on the Zig Ziglar Podcast.  This isn’t a podcast that I had listened to before (or are necessarily recommending), but I enjoyed the insight into where America’s millionaires come from and thought it might be instructional to many people who are thinking about financial independence. First, the podcasters said that there are actually a good number of … Continue reading The Foolish Route To Millionaire Status

FIRE Milestones – Picking Your Early Retirement Date

Setting long term goals is one thing, but following through with them is another.  When you first start thinking about playing with FIRE – being Financially Independent & Retired Early – the key question is are you tracking to a nest egg number, or a specific date? Like many people, I always figured we would quit the day we hit “The Number”.  Achieving a nest … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – Picking Your Early Retirement Date

Blue Days @ MegaCorp / Financial Independence

Yesterday my MegaCorp employer announced weak sales, record profits, and 1,500 job cuts. The rumors started about a week ago and proved true the old adage that 99% of organizational rumors are true. While no plans have been announced for how they are going to go about the layoffs, a couple things are understood: Continue reading “Blue Days @ MegaCorp / Financial Independence”

Daily Routine versus Daydreaming


I’m definitely going to need a bit of routine in early retirement.

I’ve always been too much of a born daydreamer to allow myself to live life completely unstructured.  I worry I will absentmindedly dawdle my time away if I don’t create create some regular plans.   Like Joe Walsh sang, “People say I’m lazy, but it takes all my time”.  In fact, while I treasure unstructured time and often balk at too much regiment, Continue reading “Daily Routine versus Daydreaming”

Seven Ideas To Save Big Money In Your Twenties

Since we are now getting very close to the end of our early retirement journey (in less than six months), I thought I would reflect on some of the decisions we made in our twenties that set us up for early retirement success. I know a lot of people are talking about the stupid article “If You Are Saving Money In Your Twenties, You Are … Continue reading Seven Ideas To Save Big Money In Your Twenties