Part-Time Work in Early Retirement

Before I reached early retirement a few years ago, I wrote THIS POST about a survey of whether or not people should retire full-time or part-time.  While many people envision part-time consulting as part of their early retirement plans, almost 60% of respondents said that working part-time in retirement was a ‘BAD idea’ with another 15% saying ‘It’s COMPLICATED’. People had some interesting comments saying … Continue reading Part-Time Work in Early Retirement

Free-Lance Writer In Early Retirement?

When people ask me what I do to keep busy in early retirement, I almost never mention writing  I guess that’s odd, given that I created the site more than three years ago and have now posted over 400 articles.  Even though I probably spend about 2 hours a week writing and updating the site, I haven’t ever actually considered myself a ‘writer’. Sometimes … Continue reading Free-Lance Writer In Early Retirement?

Savings Rates & Reaching FIRE

Are you saving enough?  It’s the most basic of questions.  Yet, I’m always so disappointed when I see an article showing how low the US savings rate is.  A recent study by Fidelity showed that the average American is saving about 8.5% of their after-tax income – including the value of any employer matches. Even though 8.5% savings is far less than is typically suggested … Continue reading Savings Rates & Reaching FIRE

FIRE Travel – Divided Jerusalem and Ancient Petra

Before the summer is out, I wanted to share some of the highlights from our trip to Jerusalem & the Holy Land.  This (along with our trip to Japan) is the biggest trip we’ve taken since we early retired.  We tagged on a fun side trip to ancient Petra in Jordan. In many ways, this was perhaps the most enlightening trip we have ever taken … Continue reading FIRE Travel – Divided Jerusalem and Ancient Petra

Should You Expect the Unexpected?

Someone posted an interesting question on recently that caught my attention.  Just a few months from reaching FIRE (financial independence & retiring early), a person asked the collective wisdom of the ‘Life After FIRE’ forum if their early retirement was what they had planned on, or something different. The post generated a lot of response with over eight pages of people sharing their experience.  … Continue reading Should You Expect the Unexpected?

Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s

A couple months ago, I did a 45 minute phone interview with a reporter writing for Kiplinger’s on health insurance for early retirees. She said that she had read our FIRE story on this blog and in particular a post called “Health Insurance – The Biggest Worry For Early Retirees” caught her attention. She appreciated that we had included the dollars & cents in the … Continue reading Bam! My Interview with Kiplinger’s