How Dumb Are College Students?

It’s graduation season. In Minnesota, that means backyard high school graduation parties every weekend from late May through June. Most of the graduates that we know are heading off to college this fall. Let’s all hope for their sake that they learn some useful things. I’m not sure that is actually the case. A study out this week says that the average college graduate in … Continue reading How Dumb Are College Students?

Gas Tax Holiday? Why?

As I write this, the President is considering issuing an executive order authorizing a ‘gas tax holiday’ to purportedly alleviate the high cost of fuel this year. Gas prices are up more than $2.00/gallon nationally, so I’m not sure there is anything much to be gained by suspending an $0.184/gallon tax. Sorry, I try not to write about political stuff, but it’s hard to think … Continue reading Gas Tax Holiday? Why?

Summer Is Back … !

After two years of full & partial pandemic restrictions, it feels like summer is really back in full force this year. The CV19 precautions had locked down a lot of the concerts, festivals, and events that summer typically brings. This year, the Thursday newspaper events listing for the weekend is fully-loaded again with car shows, new bands on stage, small town festivals, and blockbuster summer … Continue reading Summer Is Back … !

Spry At The Plate

Exactly 50 years ago, this Racine (WI) Journal-Times piece described my Grandpa, Paul Klimek. He was a accomplished softball player and proudly kept this clipping in his wallet his entire life. This year, I’m also “a spry, 56 year-old” on the softball field. While I don’t pitch, I also went “three-for-five with the stick” and scored a couple runs in our season opener. Related: Thrill … Continue reading Spry At The Plate