Mr. FireStation isn’t a real life fireman. His nickname isn’t Chief Sparky and he has only had a chance to ride on a fire truck once in his 50 years.  You probably guessed those things already, but he does want to note that he has the utmost respect for real firemen and draws inspiration from their preparation & courage (2 things also critical for achieving financial independence & retiring early).  🙂

In fact, Chief Sparky is a Midwestern husband, dad, son and brother who just turned 50 in 2016.  With BBA & MBA degrees, he has worked in strategic marketing roles over the last 25+ years for three well-known MegaCorporations.  On April Fools Day – just two weeks before his 50th birthday – he reached his life long dream of trading in MegaCorp FIRE drills for FIRE of another kind altogether:

F.I.R.E. = Financially Independent & Retired Early

Mr. FireStation’s quest for FIRE began (with his DW) many years ago.  On his first day of work his brother asked him how much vacation he would get.  “Two full weeks paid every year” said Sparky proudly.  “Oh, so that’s like 1 year off for every 26 years that you work?” said his brother mockingly.  Ouch.  But, thought Sparky, what if he could stop working completely after 26 years?  That would be just shy of 50 years old, since Sparky was just one year out of college.  A plan was born.

This website is designed to detail the end of the journey.  MrFireStation thought it would be helpful to share the trials & tribulations of the challenge.  Specifically the wisdom and planning that have gone into being financially independent & retiring early (by 50).  How to make your own FIRE escape.




Image Credits: Pixabay

LEGAL:  Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or anyone else, including my current or past employers.  Please work with a financial professional before making significant investments and financial decisions.

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16 thoughts on “About

    1. I hadn’t thought about that, but it might be interesting (for both of us). I’ll shoot you a note in a few days and we can discuss.


  1. Nice to find your blog. We fell into the FIRE without any time for planning. We have had to make it up as we go along! I like that you have kept a sense of humor! Nice to meet you! Keep enjoying the voyage!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by the Fire Station! It’s a big week for me – tomorrow’s the day I give notice. Look forward to reading about your story …!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller. Congratulations on your daring adventure, Mr. Fire Station. It was great catching up with you last night. Keep up the good fight. Onward & Upward. JB

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    1. Great quote! I have a sign on my wall that says “Live A Great Story”. I am trying to – and sharing a lot of the chapters of that story on this site.


  3. I’ve read your blog off and on since the beginning. I really enjoy your writing. I’m just a little ways behind you. I turn 50 in July 2019. I am really considering following you into retirement. Has it been great?


    1. That’s great to hear – congratulations! Early Retirement definitely has been GREAT. I’m about 2.5 years in now and the absolute freedom & independence are truly PRICELESS. Let me know what you do. No regrets!


  4. Enjoy the blog! I retired at 50 in July 2017. I think it is the perfect age to retire — 10 year window to pre-tax accounts, still healthy to do numerous activities, kids finishing college and it enhances your marriage. Interesting that you don’t optimize expenses as others do in the FIRE community (know you track them carefully). Keep the articles coming!

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    1. Thanks, Pedro & welcome to the Fire Station! It sounds like you are just a year behind me, but already 2 years in yourself. I’ll be interested in your comments, based on your experiences. No, I haven’t been great about tracking expenses. In fact, our main bank just disconnected from Mint.com, which is what I primarily have used to track spending. Oh well!


  5. That’s a good idea! Will it add to the ‘story list’. We work with an Advisor at RBC in MN. We talked to quite a few people before finding someone who fit for us.


    1. Sure- just deleted it. I’m in Woodbury. Have we met? Text me at 651-336-1949. Will delete this in 10 minutes.


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