Parable of Saving: Where’s Your Ferrari?


I read a few versions of this story online recently and thought I would share a cleaned-up version of it.  It highlights both the incredible cost of small bad habits to our journey toward financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) and the self-righteousness that some “geniuses” apply to other people’s decisions – forgetting that personal finance starts with the word PERSONAL.

The example here is the cost of cigarettes and smoking, but this vice could easily be replaced with any number of other expenses, including those that are viewed more responsibly.  

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8 thoughts on “Parable of Saving: Where’s Your Ferrari?

    1. Brian – your comment A few weeks ago about personal finance being PERSONAL really hit home for me.


  1. This also reminded me why people love to pour over net worth charts and compare themselves on a league position scale. Ugh. When working on their own situation and what they themselves need would be time so much better spent. But hey, since when did common sense enter into the armamentarium of the average investor?

    Now, where is that dealership for a shiny new BMW…….?

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    1. “Armamentarium” – that might be the biggest word ever used in the comment section! πŸ˜‰


  2. Haha that’s a good one and oh so very true! That should put people back in there place and maybe they can benefit from a bit of self-reflection rather than criticism of others.

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  3. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a Ferrari. I don’t have any car or tv or fancy clothes. I have this joke always with a part of my family. First I told that I have a healthy life and in 10 years to touch my financial independence. Now I say : “but I have happiness”.

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