Top Posts 2015 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!  Thank you all for your support in our journey to early retirement and this blog, which I launched 12 months ago.  It has grown to almost 200 followers/fans, 1000 visitors in 2015, and 5,000 views.  I appreciate your interest, “likes”, and comments. Here are the Top Ten most read MrFireStation posts of 2015 … Work One More Year As A Gift … Continue reading Top Posts 2015 – Happy New Year!

“Practice” Early Retirement Days

I have been (mostly) out of the office over for the Christmas & New Year’s holidays and thinking about the permanent vacation I am planning on embarking on in just a few months.  As such, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I have been spending my days as you could think of these two weeks as a bit of early retirement “practice”. Here are … Continue reading “Practice” Early Retirement Days

Beckham – Played Final Season For Charity

Nine months ago, my wife and I started our “One More Year” fund.  I’m working the last year of my career with all of the paychecks going into a charitable giving fund.  It will be given away in the first few years of our early retirement.  Since then, I’ve written about two famous people who also worked purely for charity: Ben Franklin as Governor of … Continue reading Beckham – Played Final Season For Charity

“One More Year” Giving Fund

With December being the “Giving” month, I thought folks might be interested in the backstory behind how we started on our “One More Year” giving fund.  Earlier this year, we pledged to save all of our paychecks over our final year of work to give away in early retirement to charity. The story started in March, when our family watched a powerful independent film called … Continue reading “One More Year” Giving Fund

Holiday Office Party – Mad Men or MegaCorp?

‘Tis the season for the venerable holiday office party.  While December is a busy month at most companies with year-end looming, it is also a time to raise a glass of good cheer with your colleagues.  Folks at my MegaCorp are happily looking forward to the New Year.  There has not been much too celebrate lately with job layoffs, budget cuts and other unpleasantness spoiling … Continue reading Holiday Office Party – Mad Men or MegaCorp?