Big Numbers, Little Numbers

Friends we know recently asked us, “How do you manage your finances as a couple?” My wife answered: “Big Numbers and Little Numbers.” That IS how we do it – she manages the household checkbook and monthly bills (little numbers). I manage investments and annual tracking (big numbers). It’s not about importance – they both are important. It’s just what we are good at. She … Continue reading Big Numbers, Little Numbers

Fertilize The Family Tree?

The personal finance radio host Dave Ramsey often talks about creating ‘generational wealth’ as the final step in his Total Money Makeover. He encourages people to think about how they can fundamentally “change their family tree” by building an uber portfolio that allows them to pass money on to their kids and even grandkids. I like to listen to Dave Ramsey and think he generally … Continue reading Fertilize The Family Tree?

Capital Gains Taxes – A Slippery Slope for Retirees?

After President Biden was elected, I went through his proposals and could not find any that really would affect me directly in a negative way. The one concern I noted – before the Republicans lost power in the Senate – was a change in the capital gains tax. Now that we have one-party control in Washington DC – which is always scary – talk of … Continue reading Capital Gains Taxes – A Slippery Slope for Retirees?