Benchmarking Your 401k Savings

In a recent Vanguard study looking at the state of saving in America, called How America Saves 2021, I ran across this interesting chart. It shows how much people have saved in their 401k accounts for different age groups. It’s often difficult for savers to be able to benchmark where they are at in their journey to retirement, so I thought I would share it … Continue reading Benchmarking Your 401k Savings

Monthly Tap Release Parties

My friend and neighbor, Jeff, has organized a great activity as he transitioned from the world of work to retirement. He has become a garage brewmaster and hosts backyard monthly ‘tap release events’. Brewing beer and getting people together fit perfectly with his background as a chemical engineer & MegaCorp operations executive. About a dozen guys got together a couple weeks ago for his latest … Continue reading Monthly Tap Release Parties

In A Pickle …

Summer hit as suddenly as lightning last week in Minnesota.  After one of the coldest April’s in the last 50 years (daily highs mostly in the 30s), the temperature hit 88-degrees yesterday when I wrote this.  With the nice weather came all of our favorite summer activities: biking, tennis, league softball, and … Pickleball. Surely you’ve heard of the phenomenon of Pickleball, haven’t you?  It’s … Continue reading In A Pickle …

Bucket List Adventures

We love to travel, but during the pandemic, all you could really do was read about interesting global destinations. We’re starting to plan a trip for later this year and I checked out these two magazines at the bookstore. People seem to love checking off boxes on their ‘bucket list’ and these magazines are organized in checklist fashion. The first one was for US destinations … Continue reading Bucket List Adventures