How Did You Learn About Stocks?

Someone asked me recently “how did you first learn about the stock market?” I first noted that I am not particularly astute when it comes to stocks (I’m an index fund guy), but the basic operation of public corporations and the stock market is something that I first learned about when I was a kid. My Dad would talk about the stock market and had … Continue reading How Did You Learn About Stocks?

The Dumbest Investment Chart

The colorful and entertaining Callan ‘Periodic Table’ was recently updated with 2018 market results.  It tracks the investment returns of key indices over the past two decades.  The most recent year – the 20th in the chart – was challenging. As you can see, cash was king and few investments posted positive returns. I have often referred to the chart as “fascinating, but useless” because … Continue reading The Dumbest Investment Chart

Inverted Bond Yield – Harbinger of Recession?

I’ll begin by warning you that this is one of those investing topics, I will claim to have very little understanding of.  I thought I might learn a little bit about it through the process of writing this piece.  Perhaps you will learn a little too. The yield of bond rates has become inverted recently for the first time in since 2007.  This means that … Continue reading Inverted Bond Yield – Harbinger of Recession?

Investing In Health Savings Accounts

Having just turned our income tax paperwork over to our accountant, I thought it might be good time to put in a plug for Health Savings Accounts – my favorite, tax-advantaged place to invest money right now. You might be puzzled by the thought that a Health Savings Account is a great ‘investment’ vehicle, but that’s really how you might start thinking about them. If … Continue reading Investing In Health Savings Accounts

Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

At MegaCorp, I worked with a Finance Director who use to quip that “good numbers make good meetings”.  He was right – when sales and profits are up, meetings and decisions come easy.  It’s a good time! While we have always been long-term investors, the living is easy when the market and our portfolio are growing as well.  While we are only two months into … Continue reading Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

Inflation Expectations – Up or Down?

After an ugly close to 2018, the financial markets have leapt off to a strong start in the new year with the S&P 500 up almost 7% year-to-date. While many of the economic issues that lagged the market are still unresolved, the bulls are running on Wall Street again. It’s amazing that in just 20 days, the market has gained back all of last year’s … Continue reading Inflation Expectations – Up or Down?