Home, Sweetly Inflated, Home

While this year’s dramatic price inflation is putting a big hit on our fixed pension, it’s doing wonders for our home value. Housing is one of the categories leading the inflation parade in 2021. This chart from YahooFinance shows how sharply the price increase has been over the past few years. The pandemic has brought on a huge spike. Prices are up 20% nationally versus … Continue reading Home, Sweetly Inflated, Home

Stuck In The Slow Lane – Commuting

As offices start to reopen across the country, many folks that have been working from home are wondering if they are going to lose the work-from-home flexibility they’ve been enjoying during the pandemic. A recent USA Today poll says that about 40% of workers want to keep working remotely when business gets back to ’normal’. For many, the biggest benefit of working from home has … Continue reading Stuck In The Slow Lane – Commuting

Where Are All The Other Kids?

Once, two of my brothers skipped elementary school to “play hooky”. They left home, but instead of going to school, they went to the park. After they were playing on the playground equipment for a while, the younger brother said, “where are all the other kids?” “Other kids?” the older one replied. “Yeah – doesn’t it take a lot of kids to play the game … Continue reading Where Are All The Other Kids?

Benchmarking: Cash / CD Buffer

Someone recently asked online how much cash or other ‘safe/liquid’ investments did people carry into early retirement as a buffer against a market downturn. It’s an important decision to make heading into retirement and it was the final financial preparation we put into place ourselves. About 3 years before I left MegaCorp, we started accumulating a pile of cash equal to 3 years of spending. … Continue reading Benchmarking: Cash / CD Buffer