Busier Than Ever

I had lunch with my former MegaCorp boss this week who is visiting after being away about three years. He retired to a North Carolina golf resort where he said he gets about 120 rounds a year in.

I thought I would be golfing a lot more in early retirement, but it is one of the things that just never gelled. On Wednesday, I went golfing with my older brother, at his beautiful club, but it was only the second time that I had been out all year. Compare that to the 50-60x that I play tennis.

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When I golf, I generally put my bag on my cart wheels and walk the course. I was reminded this time – as I always am by about the 3rd hole – that the wheels aren’t straight. Every 10 yards it pushes about 1 yard to the left.

I’ve meant to fix this 50x since I retired early 5+ years ago, but somehow haven’t ever found time for it. It is one of about a dozen projects that I never seem to find time for. I’m sure it’s a simple adjustment on the axle, but I need to take five minutes to understand how to do it.

Which brings me back to lunch with The Boss. The day I resigned, he said “I’m sure you’ll be busier in retirement than you were when you were working. “ that has certainly been prophetic. I asked him about how that’s worked in his retirement, and he said he definitely is too!

How busy are you in retirement versus your working days?

Image Credit: (c) MrFireStation.com

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