Dress-Up Wardrobe Update

I decluttered my closet about a year after retiring early, but kept some of my ‘execu-wardrobe’ for board meetings and special occasions. Then the pandemic hit and I stopped dressing up for much of anything. I just needed to put a collared shirt on over my fleece pajama pants when I was on Zoom. Related: Fuzzy FIRE Lifestyle Related: FIRE Station FUN – Decluttering Work … Continue reading Dress-Up Wardrobe Update

Stuck In The Slow Lane – Commuting

As offices start to reopen across the country, many folks that have been working from home are wondering if they are going to lose the work-from-home flexibility they’ve been enjoying during the pandemic. A recent USA Today poll says that about 40% of workers want to keep working remotely when business gets back to ’normal’. For many, the biggest benefit of working from home has … Continue reading Stuck In The Slow Lane – Commuting

Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?

Our puppy, Riley, discovered my pile of slippers recently. He snuck in my closet and found that I had three matching pairs of navy blue, fleece Acorns. The great thing about dogs is that they don’t judge you. They don’t say, “why the hell do you have three identical pairs of slippers?” They don’t see the silliness of such obvious clutter. The slippers aren’t identical, … Continue reading Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?