Barking Up A New Bedtime

Our new puppy Riley has brought something to our household that’s been missing for the first 5 years of our early retirement: a regular bedtime. Related: Daily Schedule In Early Retirement I haven’t really gone to bed at a consistent time since I was working. Sometimes it’s 10:30p, sometimes it’s way after midnight. On vacation in Florida the last two months, that stretched to 1am. … Continue reading Barking Up A New Bedtime

Antique Store Reverse Shoplifting

My Dad was a department store manager for his whole career, so the idea of ever shoplifting was abhorrent to me growing up. Never did it. Not even a piece of candy or a baseball card. Strangely, this week I’ve become a ‘reverse shoplifter’ and may do it more in the future! What’s a reverse shoplifter? That’s my name for someone who brings merchandise into … Continue reading Antique Store Reverse Shoplifting