Antique Store Reverse Shoplifting

My Dad was a department store manager for his whole career, so the idea of ever shoplifting was abhorrent to me growing up. Never did it. Not even a piece of candy or a baseball card. Strangely, this week I’ve become a ‘reverse shoplifter’ and may do it more in the future! What’s a reverse shoplifter? That’s my name for someone who brings merchandise into … Continue reading Antique Store Reverse Shoplifting

Big Breakfast

I made a big stack of buckwheat pancakes for myself yesterday, topped it with real maple syrup & berries, and added a glass of orange juice.  It’s a repeat of the breakfast that I had the morning I walked away from working and into the wonderful world of FIRE (financial independence & retired early). Related: FIRE Milestone – Final Day: Blasting Into Retirement It only took … Continue reading Big Breakfast