What Do You Do With Your Time?

I met a former MegaCorp colleague for a beer on Monday. He’s not someone that I worked with directly, but we had a lot of friends in common. He said he had heard about me from others at MegaCorp and had been reading this blog.

He is in his early 40s and well on his way to FIRE. He was talking about ‘FIRO’ … Financially Independent, but considering Retirement ‘Optional’. At least at this point.

He asked me how I spend my time in early retirement and my son (who had come along for a beer), said “he’s the busiest retired person you have ever met.” I talked about the travels we’ve done, Board work I’m involved in, and sports/car activities. Still, I never think I do a really good job describing the FIRE lifestyle.

Today, I thought I would share what a pretty ‘regular’ summer week looks like. The weather here has been perfect. You’ll see most of the beautiful days this week (sunny & 70s) have been spent doing things outside with family & friends.

SUNDAY: ⛪️ Church, ❄️ Booked Winter Trip,🏁 Sports Car Cruise w/Neighbors, 🌮 Brewery & Taco Place

MONDAY: 🐶 Dog Appointment, 🌞 Cafe Lunch w/Parents, 🍺 Happy Hour/Networking appointment, 🚴 Bike Ride Around Lake

TUESDAY: ⛳️ Disc Golf Match, 🍎 Hard Cider Orchard Visit, 🍺 ‘Dive Bar Tuesday’ w/Friends, 🍿 Thor: Love & Thunder Movie

WEDNESDAY: 🌳 Yard Work / Roofing Guy, 🧱 Built LEGO Set, 🍔 Patio Lunch w/Son on St Croix River, 🚘 Car Show & Beers w/Friend

THURSDAY: 📕 Read Board Meeting Book, 🎾 Tennis Match w/Friend (Lost!), 🥞 Late Breakfast at Diner together, 🇺🇸 Work On Jeep

FRIDAY (Planned): 🐻 Metro Zoo Board work, 🍔 Lunch w/High School Friends, ⛳️ Disc Golf Match, ♣️ Cookout / Epic Poker Game

Obviously, I didn’t include every little thing from this week like walking the dog, doing laundry, or writing this MrFireStation post! Still, I hope it gives you an idea of how we spend our time.

It’s funny that some of these days seem really BUSY. Tuesday, in particular, I felt rushed to get to everything. Stuck in road construction between disc golf, beers with friends, and a movie with my son, I still thought to myself, “What a fun day. Most people I know are at work balancing budgets, moving projects forward, or getting ready for a presentation. I’m still goofing off.”

Even after 6+ years, this is still the best job I never had! What fun were you up to this week?

Images: (c) MrFireStation.com

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