Summer Is Back … !

After two years of full & partial pandemic restrictions, it feels like summer is really back in full force this year. The CV19 precautions had locked down a lot of the concerts, festivals, and events that summer typically brings. This year, the Thursday newspaper events listing for the weekend is fully-loaded again with car shows, new bands on stage, small town festivals, and blockbuster summer … Continue reading Summer Is Back … !

FIRE Station Fun – Boat Life

We declined on rejoining the boat club we belonged to for the last five years and now that the weather has jumped up into the 80s, I’m wondering how much we will miss it? Financially, it certainly was a terrific deal.  We paid $3K a summer and had unlimited uses of a terrific fleet of speedboats, cruisers, pontoons, and water ski boats. I wrote in this … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Boat Life