Times Up?

It was a cool moment. When my father retired in 1993, he made a gesture out of taking off his watch at his retirement party and saying that he would never wear a watch again. I thought that was very provocative, so in 2016, I did the same thing at my own retirement party. I had a couple nice watches, including the first-generation Apple Watch, … Continue reading Times Up?

Are You Still An Athlete?

I like to scan the forums over on earlyretirement.org and sometimes I’ll even tally up up responses to a post to measure how people respond to certain questions. Recently someone provocatively asked “Are you still an athlete?” It drew a lot of comments so I went through them to see what other early retirees are doing athletically … Running was the most popular activity by … Continue reading Are You Still An Athlete?

Lifestyle Change By The Numbers

One of the things I enjoyed about working was coming in every morning and looking at the sales & volume numbers of the businesses I worked on.  Each day, we would get a Daily Volume Report that showed how many cases of cookies, canned soup, frozen pizzas, or yogurt cups had been ordered by our grocery customers and every Monday morning we would see how … Continue reading Lifestyle Change By The Numbers