Very Visible Early Retiree

Thinking about retirement? Friends of mine are. I enjoyed a frosty refreshment with an old friend recently and he said, “I never thought about retirement until you retired. Since then, I think about it almost every single day”. Another friend recently called and commented, “we haven’t talked in a while, but I have to tell you – your early retirement is never far from my … Continue reading Very Visible Early Retiree

Great Returns & Market Observations

We had a nice sit down with our financial planner last week for our ‘annual check-up’.  As you can imagine, the update was very good given how well the markets have been doing, despite the pandemic.   I honestly believe that I couldn’t have been luckier to pull the trigger on retirement 5 years ago. Since then, the stock market has been on a tear, … Continue reading Great Returns & Market Observations

MegaCorp Affinity Waning

MegaCorp announced significant layoffs last week .. again. In fact, both of the Fortune 500 companies I worked for have had significant job cuts this year, despite weathering the pandemic pretty well in 2020. I am years away from the two MegaCorps now, but it is still tough to see colleagues let go after long careers. Combined, the two companies cut nearly 5K employees – … Continue reading MegaCorp Affinity Waning

Annual Portfolio Check Up

I spent yesterday – Memorial Day – getting ready for an upcoming meeting with our Financial Advisor. We’re sitting down Friday for the first time in more than a year. We usually meet and do a ‘check up’ one time a year, but last year we skipped it due to the CV19 pandemic. Before our annual meeting, I give him a summary document of all … Continue reading Annual Portfolio Check Up