With “My Luck …”

I was ordering a beer at the Margaritaville pool the other day and commenting on the run of great, sunny, +80-degree days we are having in Central Florida. (Far different than back in Minnesota where it was -14 degrees this morning). The waitress commented that her “off day” this week is Friday, and that “with my luck, it will probably rain that day.” (Perhaps she … Continue reading With “My Luck …”

ChatGPT Retirement Advice

This may be the shortest post that I have ever written. It’s one of my first experiences with artificial intelligence. If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT yet, it’s an artificial intelligence (AI) program that seems to be a real breakthrough. To test it out, I asked 5 common retirement questions and am posting the ChatGPT answers. All were copied word-for-word, from the first answers provided. … Continue reading ChatGPT Retirement Advice

Easy To Forget How Far Things Have Changed

I often complain how slowly the future has developed. When I was a kid, I thought by 2022 we would all live in streamlined skyscrapers, have parks under glass bubbles, and monorails whooshing us around the city. Our life isn’t quite that seamless and elegant today, but sometimes incredible change happens right in front of us and we don’t even notice. This sign I saw … Continue reading Easy To Forget How Far Things Have Changed

Forecasting Gridlock & Better Days

I’m cheering for gridlock tomorrow on Election Day. As a political independent and small government advocate, I prefer when the two major parties can’t convince each other to provide costly solutions to problems government almost never can solve. We came close to gridlock two years ago. The Georgia Senate seats went to a special election and the Democrats won both of them, giving them a … Continue reading Forecasting Gridlock & Better Days

Ignorant Is No Way To Go Through Life

Northwestern Mutual just published their 2022 Retirement Planning & Progress study. It’s not a surprise that people are quite worried about the huge drop in their retirement accounts & soaring inflation over the last year. As a result, people are concerned their savings are way behind. Still, this chart was quite surprising to me. It shows that almost one-half of Americans have no idea how … Continue reading Ignorant Is No Way To Go Through Life

Sweetest Investment ♥️

Since todays is St. Valentine’s Day, I thought I would reflect a bit on the most valuable asset in our FIRE portfolio: our marriage. We’ve been married for over 30 years, after meeting 5 years earlier in college. Experts say strong relationships are a primary driver of lifetime happiness and one’s marriage is obviously the most important relationship that most people have. Retirement – early … Continue reading Sweetest Investment ♥️

So Many Things To Be Thankful For …

If you’ve reached financial independence & retired early (FIRE), you have a lot to be thankful for. We are certainly thankful for all of the blessings that have come our way and that includes our family that we hosted for Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. In the spirit of the holiday, my son passed this interesting chart from the Pew Research Center. It shows what things people … Continue reading So Many Things To Be Thankful For …