MegaCorp Retiree Health Coverage

I waited a long time to get a look at my MegaCorp retiree health insurance benefits and they just arrived. It’s open enrollment time right now and I just booked my new insurance plan. As background, I worked at one MegaCorp for 24 years and a second for just 3. I’m an official retiree of the first one, where I went from temporary Administrative Assistant … Continue reading MegaCorp Retiree Health Coverage

The “Biden Bump”

President Trump once said, “the stock market does whatever the stock market wants to do.” Still, that didn’t stop him from claiming that his policies resulted in the ~75% growth in the S&P 500, following his election. The ‘Trump Bump’ got a lot of attention, but it’s worth noting that we’ve seen a nice ‘Biden Bump’ in the year following his election, too. The S&P … Continue reading The “Biden Bump”

So Many Things To Be Thankful For …

If you’ve reached financial independence & retired early (FIRE), you have a lot to be thankful for. We are certainly thankful for all of the blessings that have come our way and that includes our family that we hosted for Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. In the spirit of the holiday, my son passed this interesting chart from the Pew Research Center. It shows what things people … Continue reading So Many Things To Be Thankful For …

Biggest Investment Ever

I just made my silliest investment ever. No, it’s not more cryptocurrency. I’m now a bona fide shareholder of the Green Bay Packers Professional Football Club. The Packers opened the sixth public stock offering in their franchise history earlier this week with 300,000 shares available at $300 per share. The $90 million raised will fund improvements at Lambeau Field in the heart of Titletown. The … Continue reading Biggest Investment Ever

Retirement Savings – Benchmarks & Goals

When I was starting in my career, it wasn’t clear to me how much we should have saved in our twenties & thirties. This was before the Internet and there was a real dearth of useful information available. Recently, my former MegaCorp Boss sent me an interesting article from Quicken that shared the median retirement savings and savings goals decade by decade for Americans. I … Continue reading Retirement Savings – Benchmarks & Goals

Dress-Up Wardrobe Update

I decluttered my closet about a year after retiring early, but kept some of my ‘execu-wardrobe’ for board meetings and special occasions. Then the pandemic hit and I stopped dressing up for much of anything. I just needed to put a collared shirt on over my fleece pajama pants when I was on Zoom. Related: Fuzzy FIRE Lifestyle Related: FIRE Station FUN – Decluttering Work … Continue reading Dress-Up Wardrobe Update