Social Media & My Old School

A couple of years ago, I commented how wonderful social media is to stay in touch with people. Some worry they will become recluses in early retirement, but I’ve found the opposite is true. Social media is terrific at what it is designed to do – keep people connected. Related: 15 Positives About Social Media In FIRE Recently, I had a great experience ‘take me … Continue reading Social Media & My Old School

Batter Up!

You’d have to work to be bored in early retirement – there are always interesting things to do.  This summer we’ve gone on some great trips (Los Angeles & Michigan), attended a big outdoor music festival, served as event chairs for our Zoo’s summer fundraising bash, and spun our sports car through a couple of great driving events. In between the ‘big events’ it’s been … Continue reading Batter Up!

Professional Consulting Networks

We came home from a trip last week Wednesday, our third of the year, and the next morning I did a consulting call from this unique bench in a park near a shopping center where I had stopped.  It’s a picturesque perch on a man-made lake with beautiful flowers and walking paths.  This shady spot is so different than any ‘office’ I had ever worked in. … Continue reading Professional Consulting Networks

Mindless Money Advice

It’s shocking to me how inane many personal finance articles are. I understand that handling one’s finances can be a complex topic, but so many articles are just simplistic click-bait. This recent article from The Motley Fool is a perfect example. The headline teases ‘Three Secrets To Retire Rich”. That sounds like a pretty compelling article, but when you click on it you find it … Continue reading Mindless Money Advice

Millennials: How Are They Doing?

I’m always interested in seeing how Millennials are doing since my son is that age and their money habits will play a big role in determining the health of the economy over the coming decades.  Most of the financial press likes to focus on them as a group with poor money habits or as victims of the student loan crisis, but I’ve never found either … Continue reading Millennials: How Are They Doing?