Batter Up!

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You’d have to work to be bored in early retirement – there are always interesting things to do.  This summer we’ve gone on some great trips (Los Angeles & Michigan), attended a big outdoor music festival, served as event chairs for our Zoo’s summer fundraising bash, and spun our sports car through a couple of great driving events.

In between the ‘big events’ it’s been fun to follow our first-place Minnesota Twins in the American League Central.  The Twins are closely battling the Cleveland Indians for the divisional pennant with the Twins up by just a half a game in the standings with about 40 games left to play.

I’m a fan of almost any sport at almost any level, but Major League Baseball is especially fun when it is close.  It can be excruciatingly dull when the team is way behind, but when the pennant race is tight, it is really exciting.  I love having the time in my schedule to go to games, watch on TV, listen to sports talk radio, and follow team news.  I can really immerse myself in all the details.

In addition to the Twins, I also went to the Minnesota United (MLS) soccer game this week and am going to the Minnesota Vikings’ training camp later this afternoon.  Playing and watching sports is something I didn’t spend much time on when I was working, but it sure is fun to be back in the swing!

How much do you spend following sports in early retirement?  Favorite sports?

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4 thoughts on “Batter Up!

  1. I make one guys trip with seven or eight friends to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals but that’s usually the only pro event I attend. But my wife and I play on adult tennis teams which is fun and also play a lot of recreational tennis and pickleball. Plus I follow my alma mater in SEC sports even though our teams have been pretty bad lately, except in baseball. And I watch the Dallas Cowboys on TV and the New Orleans Saints. But I’d rather play sports than watch so I play tennis several times a week.

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    1. I’d rather play that watch too. I also play tennis 1-2x a week, league softball, golf, and league curling in the winter. What do you think of the lawsuit on behalf of the New Orleans Saints? We were in NoLa last year when that game happened.


  2. We are leaving for the Little League World Series on Monday. We went for the first time (in person) last year and it was awesome, so we’re going again next week, with another couple, for a few days. Our closest MLB team is Baltimore (still a four hour drive), but my favorite team is the Reds. I grew up as a Big Red Machine fan…Bench, Morgan, Rose, Griffey, and all the other greats back in the 70’s! With the lack of close pro sports in our area, we focus more on college sports. We are huge UVA fans. We won a National Championship in Men’s Basketball this year, and our Baseball program is really strong. Just wish our football program would compete a little better! Definitely love having more time to go watch sports in early retirement! Especially in early Spring, in the middle of the afternoon, while everyone else is working!

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    1. Interesting! I was also a Big Red Machine fan in the 1970s. We lived in Hillsdale MI – right on the Indiana/Ohio border. My favorites of that bunch were Bench & Seaver. I can also relate with UVA’s big win this year. My Dad & I went to that Championship game here in Minneapolis. Have fun at the Little League World Series … saw some of it on TV today. Those kids can play.


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