Welcome To The FIRE Station

Happy New Year and welcome to the new MrFireStation.com.  Call me Sparky, the Station’s Fire Chief, and my role is to help you on your financial & lifestyle path to Financial Independence & Retiring Early – “FIRE”.

FIRE is the American Dream we all think about, but don’t always feel comfortable talking with others.  While saving is a virtue, most people like to talk about what they SPEND rather than how we save and plan for our future lifestyle.

MrFireStation.com isn’t written by a big financial services company or for Wall Street insiders.  It is a simple website designed for the Main Street Saver who is looking for practical, easy to follow advice and links to achieve.  The steps to financial independence & retiring early are not complex, but we all need understanding, inspiration & affirmation on the way.

You should also know that I am on the same journey to FIRE that you are, so the ideas & recommendations that come from Captain Sparky are based on what I am doing myself – in the hopes that we all can benefit from sharing our plans.

Here are the overarching themes to my life philosophy – how I’ve framed my steps to play with FIRE the rest of my life … and how you can too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.17.25 PM

Liebster-award rockstar-finance-badge-v1

Images © MrFireStation.com

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  1. We are almost ready to retire early, but aren’t quite sure how to make the leap and are looking for a mentor who’s done it already. We are wondering if you’d be willing to arrange a 1:1 meeting. We live in the MSP metro area. Thank You!!

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