Earlier, Longer, Just Right?

It’s hard for folks to decide when to make the jump into retirement, so I was intrigued by a recent question on earlyretirement.org asking folks if they wish they would have retired earlier or worked a bit longer? About 65 people answered the question and I tallied the results below (taking out a few responses of people who weren’t retired yet) … – 36% said … Continue reading Earlier, Longer, Just Right?

What Is Your Personal Motto?

I like this giant sundial that anchors a downtown shopping & entertainment plaza in St. Petersburg, Florida – “The Sunshine City”. Around the base are the words, “Use well these few but ever fleeting hours” which strikes me as pretty good advice, and maybe a good personal motto. Recently, someone asked about ‘personal mottos’ in a forum post online and these were the ones that … Continue reading What Is Your Personal Motto?

Scarce Inventory Boosts Real Estate

Everywhere you go in Florida, everyone is talking about real estate. It’s really engaging, even when you are just trying to enjoy your vacation. Yesterday we made a few stops on the Parade of Homes near red-hot Sarasota. Even the so-called custom builders are too busy to customize anything right now. They are just building spec homes and then auctioning them off to buyers in … Continue reading Scarce Inventory Boosts Real Estate