FIRE Station Fun – Man Retires From McDonald’s at Age 88

There is very little I can add to this remarkable story but it made me smile … According to the New York Post, Art Mason, who lives here in the Twin Cities, is retiring from his job working the McDonald’s Drive-Thru at age 89.  He started working there 30 years ago after being retired just 3 months from the factory job that he worked at … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – Man Retires From McDonald’s at Age 88

Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside

We live in Minnesota where the winters are pretty dark & cold. January is the toughest month for brutal weather and this past week we had temperatures that exceeded Antarctica for their frigidity. Schools closed. Businesses closed. Even the USPS shut down. And me? I got out and enjoyed the nastiness! You can’t change the weather, so you might as well enjoy it. Rather than … Continue reading Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside

Christmas Classic Toy Countdown

In addition to writing a couple articles a week for this site every week, I also enjoy writing a Christmas Countdown that I post on my personal Facebook feed.  I’ve posted my ’25 Ads of Christmas’ for a number of years and feature vintage advertising with great illustration.

This year, I did something different: I researched 25 ‘Classic Toys’ and wrote a little bit about the history of each.  Just as I shared last year’s countdown here (LINK), I thought I’d collect this year’s and share it here too!

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S ! 

🚂 Classic Toy Countdown #25 – In 1905, Joshua Lionel Cowen first circled Christmas Trees with his electrified Lionel Train. Wind-up trains had been popular for decades, but Lionel made Christmas “unforgettable” and became a toy people continued to play with into adulthood!

📷 Classic Toy Countdown #24 – Revealed at the 1939 World’s Fair in NY, the View Master modernized stereoscopic viewers. Originally sold through high-end specialty photography stores with travel & history reels, View Master reached major toy status with a landmark Disney licensing deal.

Continue reading “Christmas Classic Toy Countdown”

FIRE Station Fun – What Do The 12 Days of Christmas Cost?

What’s the cost of true love at Christmastime?  According to the English carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and the financial experts at PNC Bank in Pittsburg, it is $39,094.  That’s up just 1.2% from last year, according to their annual study. They’ve done the ‘True Cost of Christmas’ analysis each year back to the 1980s.  They somehow research each of the 12 items mentioned … Continue reading FIRE Station Fun – What Do The 12 Days of Christmas Cost?

25 Days of Christmas – Vintage Ad Countdown

I worked in brand marketing during my career and have an affinity for old print advertising.  On my personal Facebook feed, I spent the last 25 days countdowning to Christmas with vintage ad each day of the month.  The illustrations and products really give a fun glimpsed into Christmas Past. Collecting and posting these ads might seem like kind of a funny thing to spend … Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas – Vintage Ad Countdown

Thanksgiving Freedom From MegaCorp Nonsense

My first year of working out of college came with a lesson in corporate culture.  It was the day before Thanksgiving 1989 and our Division VP told everyone to head out early that Wednesday at 3:00pm to beat rush hour and get an early start on the holiday. This was before the days of flextime, job-sharing, and any discussions of ‘work/home balance’.  Work was still … Continue reading Thanksgiving Freedom From MegaCorp Nonsense