Counting Countries – How Many?

I enjoyed watching the Tokyo Summer Olympics 🇯🇵 earlier this month and seeing athletes from countries around the world. With my ‘50 States’ challenge complete, it’s time to focus on my next travel goal: visiting 50 countries. I’ve been to between 32-35 countries already. Why a range? Because it is seemingly difficult to assess what actually constitutes a ‘country’. There is no broadly agreed to … Continue reading Counting Countries – How Many?

Sweep Up Loose Accounts

Every few months, my wife will have me transfer money into our main ‘household’ checking account. It’s the account that groceries, utilities, and everyday expenses get paid out of, so it’s always running dry. I have a few accounts to pull $$$ from, including our one big money market savings account. Our smaller accounts have gotten so small over our first five years of retirement … Continue reading Sweep Up Loose Accounts

Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?

Our puppy, Riley, discovered my pile of slippers recently. He snuck in my closet and found that I had three matching pairs of navy blue, fleece Acorns. The great thing about dogs is that they don’t judge you. They don’t say, “why the hell do you have three identical pairs of slippers?” They don’t see the silliness of such obvious clutter. The slippers aren’t identical, … Continue reading Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?