Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?

Our puppy, Riley, discovered my pile of slippers recently. He snuck in my closet and found that I had three matching pairs of navy blue, fleece Acorns.

The great thing about dogs is that they don’t judge you. They don’t say, “why the hell do you have three identical pairs of slippers?” They don’t see the silliness of such obvious clutter.

The slippers aren’t identical, of course. They are the same model & color, but differ substantially in wear & tear. These are the last three generations of slippers, each spanning about 3 years of primary use.

One of the insights as to why clutter accumulates is that it is difficult to get rid of anything that has an ounce of utility left. Even if a pair a slippers is old – and not what you want to wear around if company drops in – they still might have value as an ‘extra’ pair. So, I’ve kept them.

I’ve kept a pair I can keep downstairs in the workshop so I don’t have to run upstairs to get my ‘new’ ones. And, I’ve kept pair in the back hall in case I need to run out in the garage for something. In this way, old pairs haven’t been thrown out – they just find new spots in the house to be useful.

In this way, our house has become cluttered with lots of duplicates: extra tools, extra towels, extra adapters, extra sun glasses, extra shopping bags, extra boots, extra coats, extra binoculars, extra tablets, and dozens of other things. If we skinnied down to just the ‘latest’ purchase of something, we would probably be able to get rid of half of the things in our house.

It seems like the right idea to get rid of extra clutter, but why not keep something that can cover a secondary need or second location? I just ordered some new sunglasses 😎, but will surely keep the ‘old’ pair in the Jeep. The lenses aren’t perfect anymore, but good enough to keep using.

Truthfully, I probably have 4 or 5 old pairs of sunglasses. Hopefully the puppy won’t find them anytime soon, or he just may start judging me after all!

How much ‘duplicate’ clutter do you keep around?

Image Credit: Acorn

7 thoughts on “Too Many Slippers? Too Much Clutter?

    1. Thankfully our puppy is more cute than destructive. He was more interested in smelling the slippers than tearing them up!


  1. My wife oft quotes an old expression from her mother: “Use it up; wear it out; make it do; or do without.” So we keep plenty of duplicates laying around, “just in case.” My favorite pair of slippers are blue acorns! (Buy them in case they stop making them!). I have zero dogs. So I’m the only one who might destroy a pair of softies.

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    1. I’ve been buying those slippers since they had the leather bottoms. I always get them at the same sock store at the Mall of America. It’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten at that store, but I’ve probably bought slippers 10x there since the mall opened 29 years ago.

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  2. It is not clutter if it sees regular use. Even duplicates (or triplicates!) in different locations. I keep the older slippers in our trailer, and I have four pairs of reading glasses in each location they are needed.

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    1. My wife and I both did reflective lens exchange this past winter, but I still find pairs of reading glasses we haven’t gotten rid of around the house!


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