How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

How far should you go to save $1,000? How about almost twice that amount? For us, the answer is at least 2,130 miles, or 30.5 hours of driving. That’s how far my son and I are currently going to pick up the SUV that I bought. We live in Minnesota, and yesterday we drove through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Asheville, North Carolina. … Continue reading How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

Graduation & Life Advice “Wear Sunscreen”

My friend Russ posted this profound and entertaining mock graduation speech on LinkedIn last week. I hadn’t seen it before – although it has appeared it many popular forms over the last twenty years. Originally a Chicago Tribune column by Mary Schmich from June 1, 1997, the advice to new graduates quickly became a sensation. First shared virally through email, the column was made into … Continue reading Graduation & Life Advice “Wear Sunscreen”

MegaCorp Stock – Trading on the Familiar

I met a friend of my wife’s at the garden center this past Monday morning who retired a few years ago after 30+ years at a local MegaCorp.  We were talking about the negative fortunes both our former employers have shown in their stock price.  Both companies have seen much better days – down 25-40% from their peak a few years ago. He knew a … Continue reading MegaCorp Stock – Trading on the Familiar

FIRE Travel – Electric Tokyo, Japan

Our son graduated from high school in 2016 and we let him choose a big international trip to mark the occasion.  No surprise that the boy who grew up loving Nintendo, Pokemon, and electronics chose Tokyo!  I’ve written a couple posts about it – packing for the trip & Japan’s unique retirement perspective – but I never have done a destination guide to the sites. … Continue reading FIRE Travel – Electric Tokyo, Japan