How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

How far should you go to save $1,000? How about almost twice that amount? For us, the answer is at least 2,130 miles, or 30.5 hours of driving. That’s how far my son and I are currently going to pick up the SUV that I bought. We live in Minnesota, and yesterday we drove through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Asheville, North Carolina. … Continue reading How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

Graduation & Life Advice “Wear Sunscreen”

My friend Russ posted this profound and entertaining mock graduation speech on LinkedIn last week. I hadn’t seen it before – although it has appeared it many popular forms over the last twenty years. Originally a Chicago Tribune column by Mary Schmich from June 1, 1997, the advice to new graduates quickly became a sensation. First shared virally through email, the column was made into … Continue reading Graduation & Life Advice “Wear Sunscreen”

MegaCorp Stock – Trading on the Familiar

I met a friend of my wife’s at the garden center this past Monday morning who retired a few years ago after 30+ years at a local MegaCorp.  We were talking about the negative fortunes both our former employers have shown in their stock price.  Both companies have seen much better days – down 25-40% from their peak a few years ago. He knew a … Continue reading MegaCorp Stock – Trading on the Familiar

FIRE Travel – Electric Tokyo, Japan

Our son graduated from high school in 2016 and we let him choose a big international trip to mark the occasion.  No surprise that the boy who grew up loving Nintendo, Pokemon, and electronics chose Tokyo!  I’ve written a couple posts about it – packing for the trip & Japan’s unique retirement perspective – but I never have done a destination guide to the sites. … Continue reading FIRE Travel – Electric Tokyo, Japan

‘Unfortunate Work Week’ – For Who?

We had a chilly and wet weekend here in Minnesota. Since our seasons are so extreme, we count on nice summer weather June through August before weather slides into fall and winter. With rain almost all day yesterday and temperatures in the 50s when we went to the garden center today, quite a few people were grumbling. Last night, the ‘weather elf’ on our local … Continue reading ‘Unfortunate Work Week’ – For Who?

FIRE Advice for New Graduates

This past week, I had the chance to host a table at a ‘New Alumni Breakfast’ with 170 graduating seniors at the same high school I graduated from back in the 1980s. My son also graduated from there a couple years ago and I got asked to be involved in the Alumni Association when I stopped working. One of the ‘table questions’ the students were … Continue reading FIRE Advice for New Graduates