How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

How far should you go to save $1,000? How about almost twice that amount?

For us, the answer is at least 2,130 miles, or 30.5 hours of driving. That’s how far my son and I are currently going to pick up the SUV that I bought. We live in Minnesota, and yesterday we drove through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Asheville, North Carolina. Today, after just spending 10 minutes at the dealer, we’ll reverse course and head back.

Originally, the dealer we bought the vehicle from was going to send the SUV on a flatbed truck & deliver it to us. They were also going to take our trade-in back to NC with the shipping cost of $950 each way.

Before they departed, I asked my son, “How would you like a new summer job?” He’s working Mon/Tues at an internship and Sat/Sun at a retail store – which meant he was free Wed-Fri for a three day trip. Less the cost of hotels, road food, and gasoline, I’d rather pay him than the dealer.

He’s making much more per hour than he would working back home – I’m enjoying the father/son adventure. I’m glad we both have time for it!

How ‘far’ would you go / have you gone to save how much?

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8 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go To Save $1,000?

  1. Sounds like fun except it costs about 55 cents per mile to operate a car (counting depreciation of the cars value) so maybe you are only saving $1,250?

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    1. Yes – we factored most of that in. He’s getting the money less gas, hotels, & food – not the full amount. Insurance is a sunk cost, so I’m not taxing him for that. Maintenance was also paid up front with unlimited mileage. He’s still netting about $40+ an hour.

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