Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

At MegaCorp, I worked with a Finance Director who use to quip that “good numbers make good meetings”.  He was right – when sales and profits are up, meetings and decisions come easy.  It’s a good time! While we have always been long-term investors, the living is easy when the market and our portfolio are growing as well.  While we are only two months into … Continue reading Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

Recalculating FIRE Odds

I’ve been late in ‘closing the books’ for our finances in 2018. With tax preparation season on us, I’ve spent a few hours this week trying to figure out exactly where things ended last year so that I can effectively pull together our tax statements. I also taken opportunity to recalculate the historical probabilities of our overall FIRE plan. The financial markets ended 2018 badly … Continue reading Recalculating FIRE Odds

College Savings / 529 Plan Check-In

Our son’s J-Term from college ended yesterday. He’s been out of the classroom since just before Christmas and will be starting his Spring semester today. It’s hard to believe the he’ll be finishing his Junior year in a few months and he has already started to interview for summer internships. I thought this might be a good time to look back on how the 15 … Continue reading College Savings / 529 Plan Check-In

Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside

We live in Minnesota where the winters are pretty dark & cold. January is the toughest month for brutal weather and this past week we had temperatures that exceeded Antarctica for their frigidity. Schools closed. Businesses closed. Even the USPS shut down. And me? I got out and enjoyed the nastiness! You can’t change the weather, so you might as well enjoy it. Rather than … Continue reading Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside