Plowing Through Time Wasters

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We’re having a very snowy month in Minnesota.  We’ve gotten over two and a half feet in the last couple weeks and have cracked the list of the State’s ‘Top Ten Snowiest Months’.  This is still with 8 days left in the month and two snow systems lined up to come through in the next week with more wintery fun.

Flashback: Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside

With this all happening, my wife had the genius idea to use yesterday’s weekday ‘snowpocalypse’ (8.5″ on our driveway) as an opportunity to quickly sneak through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and get my driver’s license renewed.  It was a double win as the big snow kept a lot of people off the roads and others were still at work on a Wednesday afternoon.  I jumped in our AWD SUV and zipped past the snow plows to the DMV station in our town.

Our state DMV computer system has been fouled up for the last 18 months, so waits typically exceed an hour and I’ve waited nearly two hours once before.  What a time waste!  When I got there yesterday, the wait was listed as ‘0 minutes’ and even though it still took about 12 minutes before someone was available, this was the perfect way to avoid a long wait.

Flashback: Daily Schedule in Early Retirement

‘Time Shifts’ as I call them, are one of the best benefits of early retirement.  Offices and stores are easy-in-easy-out when other people are at work.  As I’ve said before, my fundamental insight into a FIRE lifestyle is that your basic relationship with time changes.  It seems that time works for you, rather than against you and you can now schedule your activities in creative ways that frees up your time even more than you expect.

What’s your favorite ‘time shift’ strategy?

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