Winter Summerland

We are two weeks into our six week winter getaway to Florida and enjoying the summer-like weather. January had relatively mild winter weather in Minnesota, but now that we have escaped, the temperature there has absolutely plummeted. If you think of your vacation investment in winter as having a ‘return on temperature’, our 2021 outlay is looking like Bitcoin right now. As you can see … Continue reading Winter Summerland

Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside

We live in Minnesota where the winters are pretty dark & cold. January is the toughest month for brutal weather and this past week we had temperatures that exceeded Antarctica for their frigidity. Schools closed. Businesses closed. Even the USPS shut down. And me? I got out and enjoyed the nastiness! You can’t change the weather, so you might as well enjoy it. Rather than … Continue reading Frosty, Frigid Fun – Not Hiding Inside