Mr Plow & January Snow

Mr Plow came and scraped out our driveway this morning. It was just as I got back from walking our dog. I only knew because I received an alert on my phone that there was “motion detected” on our driveway.

I watched him on my phone as he cleared everything … from 1,561 miles away in sunny Florida. I saw my neighbor (Hi, Mark!) in the background blowing out his own driveway.

Minnesota has received a LOT of snow this year. With 3 months of possible snow yet to come, they are already way over their typical annual average of 4-feet.

We left MN soon after the holidays. Watching Mr Plow this morning reminded me of this cartoon someone posted recently from “Fowl Language” by Brian Gordon, as so many friends from MN are texting me with how awful Winter is right now.

Needless to say, we are getting good “Return on Temperature” being in Florida so far. We’ve had nice days in the 60s-70s-80s, with only a couple days/evenings when the winter coats have come in handy.

I often say, I do like Winter activities. Of course, I especially love Winter Summerland snowbirding in Florida!

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4 thoughts on “Mr Plow & January Snow

  1. I don’t know how you do Minnesota! Way too much winter for me. I struggle with 3 months of our “lite” winter in the Mid-Atlantic, and we’ve only seen a couple of flurries this year! Can’t wait for our trip to the FL Keys in March! We are going a little later this winter due to some uncontrolled scheduling issues. I hope your FL stay is awesome! Drink in some sunshine for the rest of us under grey skies!

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    1. Our time in Florida keeps growing each year. We have former neighbors from MN friends who retired to the Knoxville TN area only to find that it was too cold for them there. Then they built a place near Sarasota FL, which is quickly becoming their year-round home.


  2. The difference in pre-Holiday cold/snow and what follows in January/February (sometimes lasting until May!) is so stark. As a California resident, makes me miss the Midwest this time of year! Not that we don’t have our own stuff going on, haha.

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