Dubious Green Summer Travel Tips

The media is promoting tips for a “Low Carbon Footprint Travel” for the upcoming summer vacation season. I saw it posted in NerdWallet and a couple other places. The facts & thinking look like they are pulled from an insipid White House press release. They highlight that cars emit 3x as much carbon as trains per passenger mile (.47 vs .17). There is no reference … Continue reading Dubious Green Summer Travel Tips

Sunshine State Snowbirding Vibe

Our friends and us sometimes debate the “vibe” of snowbirding in Florida versus Arizona. I would guess that about 2/3rds of our friends opt for Florida and 1/3 opt for Arizona. We were undecided until a few years ago when my wife noted that although we’ve been to both many times, when we’ve chosen Florida over Arizona at about a 3:1 ratio for vacations over … Continue reading Sunshine State Snowbirding Vibe

Packing – It’s Always Something

Our January-March snowbirding trip was sadly interrupted by a family emergency two weeks ago. My wife’s father passed away unexpectedly, but peacefully. After the funeral, we decided to come back to Florida for a couple more weeks and flew back yesterday. In doing so, we found ourselves oddly packing for the same exact trip we packed for last month. I consider myself an expert packer, … Continue reading Packing – It’s Always Something

Bucket List or Garbage Can?

We’re back in Florida this winter, snowbirding from the Minnesota cold. One bucket-list item I got to do today was drive down the sands of Daytona Beach in a bright red Jeep with the roof panels taken off. That was fun! Recently, I’ve been reading about people’s disappointments with some of their bucket list experiences. It started with THIS POST on EarlyRetirement.org, where people shared … Continue reading Bucket List or Garbage Can?