Summer Family Reading Club

People are doing all kinds of things to improve themselves during the pandemic and ‘Great Lockdown’.  They are learning new skills, taking up interesting hobbies, and trying to improve their fitness.  One effort I am making is to read more books. I recently saw a news report that if you read just a half hour a day, you will be 1,600 books smarter throughout your … Continue reading Summer Family Reading Club

Post-College ‘Raise’?

We are very proud of our son who graduated from college this past weekend with his degree in computer science. He finished ‘on-time’ – completing his studies 4 years after first walking through these arches as a Freshman. He’s all set to start working a week from today as a software/web developer at a local software company. He interned there last summer and got a … Continue reading Post-College ‘Raise’?

What’s Your Time Worth In Early Retirement?

A friend recently spent 8 hours (and a $19.95 fee) taking an online ‘Safe Driving’ program through his insurance company. It was offered to people over 55 for an $80 reduction in their annual insurance premium for a number of future years. He told me when they were in the middle of taking the class and I thought, ‘no thanks’. Not enough juice for the … Continue reading What’s Your Time Worth In Early Retirement?

Hardly Linked to LinkedIn Anymore

I’ve written before that for me, social media plays a very positive role in early retirement for keeping in touch with people. I’m pretty tech-involved and use a number of different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn – in pretty different ways and different amounts of engagement. Related: Social Media in FIRE The one platform that I use the least is LinkedIn. My … Continue reading Hardly Linked to LinkedIn Anymore

Playing Outside Again

Thank goodness that we have enjoyed an early spring during the Great Lockdown of 2020.  We returned from our sunny Florida excursion at the beginning of March and soon everything was closed and the stay-at-home order came.  Instead of being locked up in a wintery wonderland, we’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors. Related: Snowbirding Surprises Spring in Minnesota is usually an iffy-affair, but this year … Continue reading Playing Outside Again