Playing Outside Again

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Thank goodness that we have enjoyed an early spring during the Great Lockdown of 2020.  We returned from our sunny Florida excursion at the beginning of March and soon everything was closed and the stay-at-home order came.  Instead of being locked up in a wintery wonderland, we’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors.

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Spring in Minnesota is usually an iffy-affair, but this year was kind to us.  We were able to play tennis outside- on a clean court and with a freshly tightened net – on March 24th and have played 10 matches outside since.  In addition, there have been walks around our local lake, sports car cruises, and every week I’ve been going for hikes to photograph local waterfalls (above).

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Now that days are starting to get up into 70s, it’s time to take the hats & mittens out of the car and pile in the cooler & lawn chairs.  I happily traded my expensive leather briefcase for a simple soft-sided cooler years ago. 

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Since Minnesota is generally about the coldest place in the USA, I’ll trust that most readers have been enjoying their own spring for quite a while now. 

Cheers to warm weather and enjoy the weekend!

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One thought on “Playing Outside Again

  1. It’s been a crazy year so far. We had 70F days in January and February (in Virginia), and yet tonight we are having a record low of 28F in May! Thank goodness the majority of days have been nice this Spring. Great waterfall pics btw!


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