My New Briefcase

I have a really nice, black leather briefcase in my closet, but I’ve basically traded it for this compact Igloo cooler over the last three years. It’s one of the unusual lifestyle ‘swaps’ that’s happened in early retirement.

When I made VP/Corporate Officer at MegaCorp more than 10 years ago, I spent a few hundred dollars on my Tumi case. It was the perfect accessory for an executive who goes to the office everyday.

Back then, my lifestyle was mostly an indoor affair, but that has taken a 180-degree turn to the outdoors. Cold weather in the middle of winter keeps me inside a bit, but from late spring into fall, I spend much of my time outside – walking, exploring, and playing sports.

As a result, this little cooler – with integrated cold packs – is my new briefcase. It comes with me to the backfields for league softball, to the tennis court – where the summer sun beats down on us – and to any number of parks, concerts, and outdoor events. It’s even the perfect size to fit in our sports car with the top folded up.

While I also have duffel bags & backpacks filled with athletic gear I haul around, this little cooler has become my #1 accessory in early retirement.

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4 thoughts on “My New Briefcase

  1. This post is brilliant. I have to say it’s one of those never-thought-about things that truly show how life in FIRE is amazing. Your daily tasks/goals/tools change drastically from your workday toolset. Excercise shoes/clothes often become your morning wardrobe choice, but the cooler with sport fluids is great. (though some also carry a “happier” beverage in their cooler…)

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    1. Thanks for the nice compliment! Yes, the cooler often carries beer – especially for weekly softball/tailgating and outdoor concerts. Today was tennis, so it was Powerade! 😉


  2. Once again great timing on another article! It’s now been just over two years since my early retirement (I’m just a little behind you). I jokingly told a former colleague as I was leaving, that I was trading in my corporate dress clothes for shorts and flip-flops. Funny how just last week, my wife decided to clean out our closet, so I pitched in by downsizing my wardrobe. My wardrobe now almost entirely consists of brewery tee shirts, shorts, and flip-flops (and one good pair of workout shoes) after just two years. It’s funny how things change with FIRE…funny good (…really really good)!

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    1. When I first retired, I went on a big decluttering spree, but still have quite a few ‘dress clothes’ in my closet. I still need a few for an occasional meeting, wedding, etc – but could definitely do another purge!


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