Easy To Forget How Far Things Have Changed

I often complain how slowly the future has developed. When I was a kid, I thought by 2022 we would all live in streamlined skyscrapers, have parks under glass bubbles, and monorails whooshing us around the city. Our life isn’t quite that seamless and elegant today, but sometimes incredible change happens right in front of us and we don’t even notice. This sign I saw … Continue reading Easy To Forget How Far Things Have Changed

Happy / Merry Twixtmas!

Happy Twixtmas! Twixtmas? Yes, the time “betwixt” Christmas/Hanukkah & New Years. Say it to yourself in a haughty English accent and it might sound authentic … Twixtmas). Twixtmas is the latest way to describe the extended holiday season, formerly known as “Christmas Break”. It’s the time when many people are off work, or work demands slow dramatically because so many others are out of the … Continue reading Happy / Merry Twixtmas!

Keeping Warm This Winter

When I was a kid in the 1970s our family – like many Americans – followed President Nixon’s ‘Project Independence’ national energy plan, which included lowering our thermostat to 68-degrees during the day. In 1977, new President Jimmy Carter went 3-degrees lower, asking Americans to cut the thermostat temperature down to 65-degrees. That was cold! We wore sweatshirts indoors, quilted “polar slippers” from the JCPenney … Continue reading Keeping Warm This Winter

What’s Happening In Florida?

We have three friends that have all bought vacation places in Florida over the last few months. The Sunshine State is getting some great new friends, who may become permanent residence, in time. Our friends are settling all-over the state. One couple bought a place on Merritt Island, near Cape Canaveral (they can see rocket launches from their front porch). Another couple bought a place … Continue reading What’s Happening In Florida?