Happy / Merry Twixtmas!

Happy Twixtmas! Twixtmas? Yes, the time “betwixt” Christmas/Hanukkah & New Years. Say it to yourself in a haughty English accent and it might sound authentic … Twixtmas).

Twixtmas is the latest way to describe the extended holiday season, formerly known as “Christmas Break”. It’s the time when many people are off work, or work demands slow dramatically because so many others are out of the office.

I’ve always loved this end to the year and without exception saved my MegaCorp vacation time to be off the whole week. The closer I got to the end of my working life, it became a “practice retirement” of sorts.

This week will be pretty social … I’ll be heading to a hockey game with my old high school buddies, closing out my annual Pub Pass with softball teammates, celebrating some big family birthdays, going out to dinner with friends, and maybe catching the big holiday light display that’s open through New Years.

It’s a festive week with lots of holiday activities, even though Scrooge’s say Christmas only “comes once a year”. They are missing the extended Twixtmas fun, eating, sleeping in, and indulging. If Twixtmas doesn’t make you want to retire early and goof-off, I don’t know what will!

What fun/festive activities do you have planned for this week?

Image Credit: Pixabay

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