Gen Z Growing Wealth: The Kids Are Alright

It seems every generation wants to dump on the next one. Or, the one before it. Boomers complain about Millennials and Millennials say, “OK, Boomer”. Millennials say Boomers left the world a mess and Boomers say Millennials are ruining the world with their decisions. The irony of the situation is that the Boomers parented the Millennials themselves. (I’m a Gen X’er and our son’s a … Continue reading Gen Z Growing Wealth: The Kids Are Alright

Home Insurance Premiums Rising

My friend, Jeff, texted me last week asking for an insurance agent reference. He just got his homeowners insurance premium estimate for the coming year and it was up a whopping +29% higher than what he paid last year – which was +23% higher than two years ago! I haven’t gotten my new home insurance estimate yet, but we are definitely going to competitively shop … Continue reading Home Insurance Premiums Rising

401k Focus

When I was at MegaCorp, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Bob Johnson, the wildly successful founder of BET Television. Johnson was on our board of directors and I was on-hand to present an initiative at their offsite meeting. Johnson is a dynamic character and I’ve followed him through the media for the last 10+ years. He’s not afraid to jump into politics … Continue reading 401k Focus

Finally … Cutting The Cord

Television has always had a special place in my heart. I grew up just when color TV started to blossom. I think we switched from black & white to color about 1970. We got rudimentary cable about 1979. I was always enthralled with the TV’s glow of sight, sound, and motion bringing great stories, places, and events into our living room. TV wasn’t just my … Continue reading Finally … Cutting The Cord