Unexpected Hobby …

Today I am up on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula on a road trip suggested by frequent reader, Randy. It’s the part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that juts up into Lake Superior. Definitely Paul Bunyan land. I drove my Jeep for 6+ hours yesterday to get here.

Randy was up here last summer and sent me some flyers highlighting the many waterfalls in the area. You might recall that during the pandemic, I searched out and photographed almost 75 waterfalls in Minnesota & Wisconsin. Why not start on Michigan?

I joke that becoming a ‘Regional Waterfall Expert’ might be the most unlikely thing I would have expected when I early retired. I’ve never been much of an outdoors person, yet here I am, hiking through Michigan’s north woods on my latest waterfall field trip.

That’s the great thing about reaching FIRE (financial independence & retiring early) – you find you have time & interest for things you never would planned. Fun activities just emerge and become a part of your life.

What significant activity have you started doing in early retirement that you never would have planned on?

Images: (c) MrFireStation.com

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Hobby …

    1. Terrific work for the community. Hope your sale went well yesterday. I might have 1 more bike for you for next year!


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