Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Kiplinger’s recent published an article that is getting a lot of buzz about their description of three different phases of retirement. They are proposing that retirees plan on spending more early – during your ‘Go-Go Years’ – versus later in retirement, when your energy & desire to be very active may decline. Calling the later two stages ‘Slow-Go’ and ‘Won’t-Go’, they propose people plan to … Continue reading Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Libra: A Big Step For Cryptos?

I have written in the past about my interest in cryptocurrencies and their potential to be a more sound store of value than government currency. Recent geopolitical economic instability (tariffs, currency devaluation, Brexit) has resulted in BitCoin prices surging. BC has broken the $9K per coin mark in the last couple months – more than double what I paid when I jumped in with a … Continue reading Libra: A Big Step For Cryptos?

Keep Your Benefits Locked In Social Security?

One topic I write very infrequently about is Social Security. As someone who retired before my 50th birthday, it has always been something that seems too far off. Recently at an update with our financial advisor, we talked a bit about the timeline that Social Security is structured around. 62 is the earliest age at which one can take a Social Security benefit and almost … Continue reading Keep Your Benefits Locked In Social Security?

Forced Into Early Retirement?

I recently came across an interesting Federal Reserve report called ‘The Economic Well-Being Of US Households’.  It’s a 50+ page annual study that explores all aspects of Americans’ financial well-being.  The good news is that on almost all measures and for almost all groups of Americans, they are on a better financial footing than almost ever. In the retirement section, I was struck by a … Continue reading Forced Into Early Retirement?

Another Knot At MegaCorp

Good old MegaCorp is having a tough old time.  After some really strong performance over the last 18-24 months, they have gotten themselves into a bit of a knot lately.  Yesterday, the company reported sales & profits dropped, they reduced full-year investor guidance (even though it’s only Q1), and are slashing 2,000 jobs around the world. I connected with a few former colleagues and it … Continue reading Another Knot At MegaCorp

More Favorable Retirement Tax Rate Revealed

Our taxes are complete and in the mail as of yesterday! I am so thankful because even though we use an accountant, getting our taxes done feels like a part-time job for the months of February and March. Related: Income Taxes Not A DIY Project This was the first year we got a good look at what our post-working tax rate might look like. Because … Continue reading More Favorable Retirement Tax Rate Revealed