40 Little Pieces of Purpose

People thrive with purpose. When you are working or have kids at home, your purpose is often derived from those things. When you early retire or become empty nesters, you need to find new sources of purpose. Some people do non-profit work, some get involved with their church, and some work on improving their community. People spend a lot of time looking for the right … Continue reading 40 Little Pieces of Purpose

15 Retirement Hobbies That Scream ‘Rich People’

On Reddit recently, there was a post in the Financial Independence thread that asked Redditors what retirement “hobbies scream rich people?” That is, what activities signal that someone has a surplus of both time and money? I thought it was an interesting question and relevant to share because I noticed that a lot of the hobbies can be enjoyed by many people at a variety … Continue reading 15 Retirement Hobbies That Scream ‘Rich People’

One More Year Effort Becomes “Angel Fund”

For those of you who have been following MrFireStation.com since early last year, you know about our plan to devote all of our final year’s paychecks and bonus to a good cause. We first wrote about our “One More Year” fund last April and gave more detail on the background on the idea and an update in December. To make us feel like we were … Continue reading One More Year Effort Becomes “Angel Fund”

The New Wonder Years?

Early retirement inspiration comes from many different places, and this one comes from an episode of the TV show The Wonder Years, that my good friend Anthony suggested at dinner a couple of weeks ago.  Despite the series popularity, I didn’t really watch The Wonder Years when it was on the air. Like everything these days, the complete series is currently available on Netflix. In … Continue reading The New Wonder Years?

FIRE Milestones – “What Are You Going To Do?”

I gave my formal notice for early retirement from MegaCorp to my boss last month.  Everything went great and I thank everyone for all your well wishes.  I will post next week about how it all happened – and how we celebrated that night.  In the meanwhile … I’ll answer the question everyone is asking … When you announce your early retirement, EVERYBODY wants to … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – “What Are You Going To Do?”

Fill Your Bucket List – Memorable Travels

Since it’s still January, it’s not too late to reflect on 2015, is it?  Maggie Banks at NorthernExpenditure.com recently posted a provacative post on “bucket lists” and her twist on the idea that she calls her “Fill Your Bucket List”.  The concept is “Instead of making a list of things you would like to see happen in your life, a fill-the-bucket list focuses on the … Continue reading Fill Your Bucket List – Memorable Travels

Beckham – Played Final Season For Charity

Nine months ago, my wife and I started our “One More Year” fund.  I’m working the last year of my career with all of the paychecks going into a charitable giving fund.  It will be given away in the first few years of our early retirement.  Since then, I’ve written about two famous people who also worked purely for charity: Ben Franklin as Governor of … Continue reading Beckham – Played Final Season For Charity