Autumn Homecoming

(Sorry for missing a post last Monday. I haven’t missed one in a long time. I road-tripped with a buddy to Lambeau Field to see the Packers beat the hated Bears. Got home at 2:30am and slept in until noon!)

Autumn is in the air and that means back to campus. This year, my wife and I are taking a six-week course at one of our fine local universities. We were college sweethearts, but this is the first university class we’ve probably taken together since we were undergrad students ourselves!

This class is an architecture series on unique building and structures in Minnesota. It’s being taught by the architecture critic from our metropolitan newspaper. He has written a number of books and produced some PBS TV specials that we’ve really enjoyed.

It’s the first class I’ve taken since the pandemic started, but the fourth class I’ve taken since retiring. The other ones were: Freshman Sociology, an engineering class on material sciences, and a history of cinema lecture series. This one is part of their ‘Lifelong Learning’ series, so it’s almost all retired folks.

We’ve had one class so far (Wednesdays @ 1p-2:45p), and we really enjoyed it. In addition to the learning, it’s a wonderful experience to be back on campus. We stopped in the student center to grab a Coke before wandering across the campus quad to the auditorium. Colorful fall foliage hasn’t arrived yet, but soon the university will be beautifully colored.

My wife has also started a couple other classes: an advanced knitting class at a local store and a Bible study fellowship program at a nearby church. I guess Fall is a homecoming to all kinds of campuses.

Are you taking any classes this Fall? What are you learning about?

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3 thoughts on “Autumn Homecoming

  1. I am hoping to have my auto restoration project drivable by New Year. Then I am planning to sign up for an engine rebuilding course at the local community college.

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      1. The engine should start. It was drivable, but had some oil consumption issues when I put it away and rebuilding would be a chance to address this and improve the HP.

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