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Our son was nice enough to show us his new MegaCorp office digs a couple weeks ago. The building is amazing. It’s right off a bike & scooter gateway in downtown with a rooftop plaza overlooking the MN Twin’s Target Field.

The amazingly cool building – called ‘T3’ – is unlike any office I ever worked in. The name stands for “the intersection of timber, technology, and transit”. The framework of the building is actually timber. It’s finished like a high-end condo.

His MegaCorp gives each team autonomy in how they work. He’s been working a hybrid schedule so far, but others work remotely from different cities. His company CEO was in the news a few days ago saying that remote work was effective for them.

I’m hard-pressed to even think about how I would work, after 6 years early retired. I like to think I would be excited to work from such a cool office building, yet I realize it would also be tempting to stay home in my fuzzy pants.

Maybe there are no bad choices – cool offices are now like high-end condos – and people can still enjoy comfortable days at home.

What’s the coolest building you ever worked in?

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9 thoughts on “Work From Here!

    1. Yes – I’ve been to that building! It has a funky drug store/bookshop/wine/cheese shop on the street level. Your offices in NYC were pretty cool, too!

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  1. My home office after my kids were in school and I got fiber optic internet.

    I hated commuting and especially hated commuting to buildings with parking structures. I did my own personal time study of two building in particular from the time you entered the gate, parked your car, took one elevator to ground level, and took another up to the office. It took 20 minutes from entering the parking structure until I was sitting at my desk. Undoing the process (going home) would be another 20 minutes. If you drove to lunch, that’s another 40 minutes tacked on.

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    1. Yikes – that’s inefficient, although I’m sure I’ve done the same. My son parks in a ramp just 150’ from his building – with a great skyway connection. The ramp is primarily there to serve Target Field & Target Center, so plenty of open spots during the day.

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  2. I’m curious, not being a current sports fan, I find myself challenged with keeping track of the fields/stadiums where teams play. Did the bonds that funded the Metrodome (assuming taxpayer funding) get paid off before Target Field was built? And where do the Vikings play? Do you support two active and one demolished stadiums with taxes?

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    1. Yes – the Metrodome was built on the cheap (<$50m) and paid off quickly with a sales tax.

      Target Field was about $500m – half paid by the same sales tax & half by the Twins.

      The Vikings now play in US Bank Stadium ($1B), which is on the site of the old Metrodome. I believe it was a 50/50, too – although the Vikings got to sell the naming rights & seat license $$$. The government 50% of the Vikings stadium is covered by statewide electronic gaming & a tax in the county.

      The University of MN Gophers also used to play at the Metrodome. Now they have their own 50K seat stadium, just 5 miles from the Vikings stadium. We had a work event their once and the international employees visiting could not believe how we had two giant football stadiums right by each other.


  3. Thanks for the lesson in the spending habits of the north. I’m glad that the state doesn’t have any social needs that could be funded by those taxes. Not to single you folks out because Mississippi I read did something similar for the Volleyball program at a University while Jackson lacks water. Having said that, I have been quite vocal as to the mismanagement of the Jackson water system for years. Their motto seems to have been, “don’t raise water rates” despite needing revenue to maintain the system


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