A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

Summer 2023 started with a bang in May – I was so excited to get back outside and do outside things!

In mid-May I raved about the great weather that had rolled in and all of the activities that were underway – including that new-fangled Pickleball! A month later, I noted that my Jeep was filled with tennis gear, my softball bag, a few golf discs, and some biking gear. Summer was in full swing!

Unfortunately, that didn’t continue. I finished the softball season with a (slightly) pulled hamstring, then pulled a muscle in my back, stepped on a nail (right through my shoe!), and banged my knee into a stone planter outside a bagel shop. At one point, my back, knee, and foot were all beat up at the same time.

In the words of Clint Eastwood’s, Dirty Harry character, it was a reminder that “sometimes a man’s got to know his limitations.” While I still think I am young at 56, my body is prone to issues that haven’t been issues before.

Summer wasn’t a total loss. I still played most of the softball games and a few tennis matches got switched out for disc golf or more biked rides (“Pub Pedaling“). We also took a few Midwestern road trips (Indy 500, Chicago, St. Louis, Mackinac Island) – which gave the back a rest with a few long days in the car.

Overall, no complaints from me as summer now fades to fall, but a season of good learning that I need to take it slower sometimes. I’m happy to head into autumn close to 100%.

How was your summer? Did your body carry you through your favorite activities?

Image Credit: Pixabay

6 thoughts on “A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations

  1. “Get it while you can” exhorted Janis Joplin. True. 2023 has been a bust for my health, facing four major conditions (so far). One is resolved. Three are ongoing. Treatable and in treatment, but recovery may take a long time. Optional fun waits. So get it while you can!

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  2. Lol! Well… but you survived!

    At 57, I’ve learned to down shift into harder exercises until it doesn’t cause pain. I still run and lift weights. When traveling, I can still run, but lifting is often harder to manage. So I’ve found a week off from lifting becomes harder and harder to get back to previous peak levels. I have learned to down shift and ease back in the first week (or two!) back, or I’ll tear something every time. In my twenties I could miss a month and bounce back after just a session or two. Now I’m lucky to get back to prior levels within a few weeks! But I eventually do get back there! Three years ago my Doc told me to give up running (knee issues) and start walking. Instead, I slowly reduced my runs until they stopped hurting. I’m still getting in 2.5 miles every other day! No more knee pain (at least for now)!

    …unfortunately, it’s catching up with us all, whether we like it or not! But hey, at least we’re still at it! I’m going down fighting!

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    1. You are definitely right that it is harder to get back in the swing after some time off. In tennis, it usually takes me from late-April to mid-June to get into top form. This year, I don’t think I ever got there. Too many injuries and interruptions. I feel like I’m stuck in late-April, still.


  3. Live and learn. Despite hearing (and using) that limitations quote, I never knew it was from a Dirty Harry movie.
    And don’t get me started on aging bodies!

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    1. I thought it was from one of Eastwood’s cowboy movies when someone mentioned it recently I was surprised too!


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