In A Pickle …

Summer hit as suddenly as lightning last week in Minnesota.  After one of the coldest April’s in the last 50 years (daily highs mostly in the 30s), the temperature hit 88-degrees yesterday when I wrote this.  With the nice weather came all of our favorite summer activities: biking, tennis, league softball, and … Pickleball.

Surely you’ve heard of the phenomenon of Pickleball, haven’t you?  It’s the latest activity to wear the “the world’s fastest growing sport” title in the lifestyle section of the newspaper and on TV.

We met up with some friends for our inaugural Pickleball outing last week.  We bought a couple paddles & balls online for about $30.  Their fancy suburb has 8 beautiful new dedicated Pickleball courts.  About half of the courts were in use when we got there.  Mrs. Fire Station and I enjoyed our first matches, although we really didn’t comprehend many of the rules after 3 sets.  

As a regular tennis player, many people asked me what I thought of the game and if it was a good work out.  The game is fun, fast-paced, and didn’t seem to be quite as physical as tennis, but my Apple Watch offered a good glimpse into the two sports.  I had played tennis that very morning and both matches were exactly the same 87 minutes:

It’s probably no surprise that tennis is a bit more physical, especially when you consider that this is singles tennis compared with doubles Pickleball.  Still, Pickleball is undoubtedly a good work out.  I once had a boss that used to say she works out so she can drink more, so I ‘earned’ at least a few pints of beer!

Have you tried Pickleball yet? What do you think?

Image Credit: Pixabay

7 thoughts on “In A Pickle …

  1. I loved pickleball. It can be easily picked up by beginners (though rules are different from tennis). Progressing to a high-level of proficiency allows participants with similar degrees of skill to play a very challenging game and sweat up a storm. Sadly, after painfully damaging my Achilles heel tendons during a summer outdoor match, and recovering with rehab for 8 weeks, I decided pickleball (like tennis) is part of my past. For everyone else, get it while you can!

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    1. Ouch. I have Achilles Tendinitis, but it hasn’t gotten too bad. When we played Pickleball, there was a doubles match of super athletic 20-something guys. Wow – they show you what the game looks like in a high level!


  2. Pickleball courts are being installed in our gated community. The joke around here is the only leiple happy to see them are the towen’s orthopedic surgeons 😎

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  3. We played Pickleball a few times on past visits to Florida. We absolutely loved the game, and coming from a guy who still runs and lifts weights three days a week, it’s a very good workout if played at even a moderate level. Unfortunately, we live in a very rural Mid-Atlantic area, so the closest actual Pickleball courts are more than an hour away from our farm. So unless we try to play on our unmarked local high school tennis courts, we just don’t get many opportunities to play. 😒

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