Times Up?

It was a cool moment. When my father retired in 1993, he made a gesture out of taking off his watch at his retirement party and saying that he would never wear a watch again. I thought that was very provocative, so in 2016, I did the same thing at my own retirement party. I had a couple nice watches, including the first-generation Apple Watch, … Continue reading Times Up?

Thrifty Thursday – Apple Watch Bands

I’m excited to have put in a pre-order for the new Apple Watch.  Mr.FireStation is a bit of a gadget-guy, but even so, at $399 it is about 4x what I have ever paid for a watch of any sort.  I know people who wear the luxury brand watches that cost thousands of dollars, but I’ve always resisted shelling out that kind of money.  Until … Continue reading Thrifty Thursday – Apple Watch Bands