Times Up?

It was a cool moment. When my father retired in 1993, he made a gesture out of taking off his watch at his retirement party and saying that he would never wear a watch again.

I thought that was very provocative, so in 2016, I did the same thing at my own retirement party. I had a couple nice watches, including the first-generation Apple Watch, that I subsequently sold away on eBay.

That was fine. For the last 4 years I haven’t needed a watch. I could use my phone, the car clock, or a dozen other places to get the time. As I pondered in our trip to Europe this autumn, maybe a one-handed Renaissance clock is all a retiree really needs?

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Well, guess what? After my heart attack last week, I now have an Apple Watch (5Gen) on my wrist again. I’m rationalizing it as a fitness tracker, not a watch, since that is what has gotten it back into my life.

It’s health tracking capabilities are pretty good. I haven’t explored all of the apps that are available for it yet, but will do so over the next few weeks. Credit goes to my wife & son who appreciate that it has ‘fall detection’ and an Emergency SOS ‘slider’ that can be quickly engaged to get help.

If I’ve learned one thing in the last week, it’s that our ability to reach someone quickly is the key to survival in many health emergencies.

Image Credit: MrFireStation.com

7 thoughts on “Times Up?

  1. So sorry to hear about your heart attack. I recommend that you check out this book “The Blue Zones Kitchen – 100 Recipes to Live to Be 100”. You will like the lifestyle outlined in the book. The recipes come from a gent who studied the longest lived communities in the world. Whole communities are trying to take on this lifestyle. I think Albert Lea would be the closest to you.

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      1. That is another good choice. I actually thought about listing it too. Very good documentary that followed people who were too ill to be a candidate for a bypass and they got much better. Save money and get healthier at the same time.

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    1. Thanks, Brad – That sounds like an interesting book. I saw the 60 Minutes piece a few years ago on ‘Blue Zones’.


  2. I am amazed at how you continue to post during your post event rehab, thank you for doing so. I would enjoy hearing a review of your Apple Watch. I’m a Fitbitter, up to 15,000 steps daily now, but I am also now jogging. I’d prefer not to carry a phone when I run, but still want to listen to my podcasts thus thinking of Apple Watch and leaving Fitbit

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    1. I’m in such a habit of posting, it would be more difficult to stop! 😉 I’ve used my phone to track steps for 4 years. Even when I play tennis, I’ve always had my phone in my side pocket. As you say, I hope the Watch will free me up from that. I’m also a big AirPods user, so that should be cool too. Will let you know …


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